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One year of doodles!!

One year ago I decided to do a doodle a day. Now it is 365 doodles later! So much has happened this year as I doodled away. I learned to use whatever medium I had on hand like flair pens, markers, walnut ink, paint, crayons you name it! I doodled on airplanes, in hotel rooms, during classes I teach and at night at home while watching TV. I doodled my way through my daughter’s wedding, in fact each table at the reception had a doodle that related to the “love birds”! I doodled about my old dog Lily who died this year at age 17. Those doodles were hard to do but I am not done doing Lily doodles. I just need time to not feel so sad when I draw her. I made fun of my golf game which doesn’t seem to improve! I discovered I really like drawing squirrels a lot! I think my favorite doodles were the ones I did during the Olympics. Each night I doodled whatever sport was on. I also did many dancing doodles, cool vegetables, evil cupcakes, attacking candy corn and large babies. But, I think the best part of doing a year of doodles are all the new Facebook friends I made. I feel like I now know hundreds of people around the world! I love to draw and I am so happy my simple drawings cheered a few of you up each day! Stay tuned!! I am still drawing but may spend a bit more time on each batch so I might not have a new one everyday. There are still many things I want to draw like monsters, aliens, giant ice cream cones, pet portraits, toasters down on their luck, clowns, bugs, monkeys doing stuff and much much more. The doodles are on sale for a short time then they are going to be in a show starting¬† in January at The Bloomington Art Center. THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THIS AWESOME YEAR OF DOODLES!