And just like that.. off they go to warmer waters.

Some Monday motivation to start the week.

I would like to end FTD Awareness Week with my tree art. I discovered that doing these tree drawings helped me relax and recharge for my care giving role. I encourage anyone in a similar situation to find some type of creative outlet. That way you won’t lose yourself as you take on that tough care giving job. I call these my yoga trees.

One thing that kept my husband Barry occupied in the first years of FTD was filling the bird feeders. We went through a lot of seed but it was worth it because it was a job he could do and it made him feel proud and needed.

A little humor helps on an FTD journey. I learned to laugh at all the blueberries on my kitchen floor. My husband became obsessed with blueberries.

When My husband was diagnosed with FTD. This is the image I drew. It kind of shocked me when I was finished but it was devastating news for us.