Arnie Goes to Camp

“Arnie’s Mom says he’ll love sleep-away camp, but Arnie’s not so sure. The only one on the camp bus who doesn’t know the words to the campers’ silly songs, Arnie is awash in homesickness. But, before long, he’s too busy to think of home and by the camp’s end, Arnie, winner of the Best New Camper Award, feels “a little sad” at the thought of leaving. Arnie’s story unfolds in a riot of bold colors and busy pages. A brief text and predictable plot work well in service of the illustrations, where character and plot development take place. Arnie’s spectacled face mirrors his feelings in a way that is endearing and utterly irresistible. His fears are every child’s, and his triumph one that all can share. A worthy companion to Harriet, Loudmouth George and Arnie’s good friend Louanne Pig.”

School Library Journal