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Hats & Mittens

Warmer with Hats & Mittens

Hats & Mittens

Hats & Mittens Support Hats & Mittens mission by purchasing Warmer with Hats & Mittens, a children’s book celebrating generosity by Minnesota author and illustrator Nancy Carlson.

The book was commissioned by Thrivent Financial to spread the message of warmth and giving all throughout the year.

All proceeds benefit Hats & Mittens.

I Like Me

I Like MeNEW! Board Book available.
Nancy Carlson’s cheerful pig is full of good feeling about herself. She knows how to take care of herself and how to have fun – even when there’s no one else around. And when she makes mistakes, she has the confidence to try again. I Like Me introduces a character children will love to meet – a special friend who will help them feel good about themselves too.

It's Okay to Ask!

It’s Okay to Ask!

It's Okay to Ask!

It's Okay to Ask!It’s Okay to Ask! introduces five children who have disabilities or complex medical conditions. They love to read, play, tell jokes, and make friends. As you get to know the characters in the book and learn that it’s okay to ask questions, you will discover that everyone is more alike than you might think and that people of all abilities can be friends.

Written by the experts at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, and illustrated by beloved Twin Cities artist Nancy Carlson, It’s Okay to Ask! helps children see beyond a person’s disability and form positive opinions through friendship.

All proceeds of the book benefit Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

Sometimes You Barf

Sometimes You BarfEverybody barfs. Dogs, cats, chickens, alligators, and even you. It happens to everyone, and sometimes it even happens…at school. With her characteristic humor and compassion, Nancy Carlson helps young readers through what is often a scary and embarrassing rite of passage.

Sometimes you barf. But it’s OK. You get better!

Sometimes You Barf inside pagesKIRKUS REVIEW
Everything you ever wanted to know about throwing up…and why you shouldn’t be embarrassed.
A little girl and her dog, Archie, take readers through this primer. Everybody barfs once in a while, she says, and illustrates her point with a veritable zoo of barfing animals, from aardvark to platypus. (In this book, when something or someone is about to barf, its face gets amusingly green, except for lizards, which get pink.) When a dog barfs, it gives plenty of warning—and after it does, you might find something you’ve been looking for, like a missing sock. The flu could cause you to barf, and if it happens at school, better hope you do it on a math test. It summons the janitor in a hazmat suit for cleanup with his “special barf cleanup machine” and sends you home to a barf bucket. Once you’re eating solid food, it’s back to school! Sometimes You Barf inside pagesEverybody welcomes you warmly, and it turns into a great day…except for that math test you have to retake. Maybe if you manage to barf again…? Another page of green-faced barfers—clown, caterpillar, leprechaun, etc.—and the little girl recaps. Archie barfs again, and she finds her other sock! Carlson’s cartoons are as goofily gross as the text, but they exert a sort of cute fascination anyway.

A delightful and helpful treatment of a somewhat taboo topic. (Picture book. 3-6)

This Morning Sam Went to Mars

Paying attention starts to come easier for distractible Sam once he learns to harness his powerful brain.

Eight-year-old Sam has an awesome imagination. He makes up super stories about the deepest seas, outer space, knights and castles—he has all kinds of good ideas! But Sam often has trouble focusing on schoolwork and things grown-ups ask him to do. Sometimes it seems like all he hears is, “Focus, Sam!” and, “Pay attention!” The doctor says Sam is lucky: He has a very powerful brain. But he does need some help focusing. She gives Sam and his dad lots of strategies to try, like staying organized, eating better food, and asking for help when he needs it. Sam’s favorite strategy? Make time to exercise his imagination!