School visits

School visits are always fun but last spring in Upstate New York was so great!! I have a book out called HENRY’S 100 DAYS OF KINDERGARTEN. At the end of the story on the 100th day of Kindergarten  Henry brings his Great Grandma Millie to share because she is 100 years old.  Well I arrived at the school in NY to discover a real Grandma Millie who is 100 years old!!  She is well known around town and she was thrilled to spend the day at school. I so loved  meeting her and we had a fun day! As I start this years speaking I can’t wait to see who I will meet and what adventures I will have!!!

Grandma Millie being interviewed
Grandma Millie being interviewed

Drop me an email if you would like my information I would love to visit your school too! Here are some pictures of sweet Grandma Millie!

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